Music Recording

Acoustically-designed studios and control rooms. Expert engineers—jazz to jingles, opera to indie-rock.


Acoustically-designed rooms, not booths. Equipped for ISDN and ADR.

Audio Post

Fast, professional editing. Automated mix and recall. Sweetening, sound design, mastering.

Who Plays Here

The Chicago Sessions jazz record label produced multiple CD projects. Renowned recording artist Judy Roberts is a familiar face. Abbott Labs creates audio presentations for its sales reps. George DelHoyo records voiceover via ISDN for ABC Family, FOX and Paramount Pictures. Walt Disney Studios did ADR for The Muppets, and every so often we have to sweep up crumbs that Cookie Monster leaves behind.

The Autobarn produces radio spots. Jimmy John's sandwich shop thinks we're freaky fast, freaky good. Greg Fishman just finished "Hip Licks for Jazz Saxophone." And Company of Thieves recently recorded the title song for the soundtrack of soon-to-be-released indie film Act Naturally.

To find out why musicians, ad agencies, corporate/industrial producers, the film industry, audio book publishers, electronic toy makers—even people who make electronic voting machines—come to downtown Evanston to work with us, just click on any of the services listed above.

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Serving the Chicago area

Studiomedia is located at 1030 Davis Street in downtown Evanston and is within walking distance of the CTA and Metra train stations. The 6000 sq. ft. facility houses three studios, two audio control rooms, and a video-editing/multi-media suite as well as a sound effects and music library, a conference room, kitchenette and offices to provide a comfortable, spacious creative environment.

control room
Control Room A

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